Playroom Inspiration

Having a new home is OVERWHELMING…yes, even for a designer.  Why?  The possibilities are endless and I like everything!!!  I love color and I am not afraid to use it in my spaces.  I have definitely been more cautious in my design in this home than our last mainly to due the fact that my personal style has evolved and I think and plan through my decisions a little more.  I am working on some playroom inspiration.  Although it is primarily occupied right now by my 3 boys I am pulling together a look that is kid & family friendly.

Kids Playroom Inspiration

I use inspirations boards as a jumping off point as I shop for pieces.  Items can be added or changed, but having a guide helps to keep a room on track.  When planning this space I opted for bold colors, fun patterns and playful pieces that will help bring the look together that the whole family will enjoy.

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