DIY Halloween Cake


Halloween is just a few weeks aways and we are busy, busy, busy making costumes and crafts!  We wanted to give you a head start for your halloween party by offering these FREE PRINTABLES to decorate this easy & cute DIY cake.  Who’s got time to bake?  I sure don’t!  So I run to my local Super Target!!  Years ago I would order plain white cakes just for this reason and now our bakery section carries them ready-to-go!  This is the perfect option for the cake decorating DIY-er.  Ready to get started?  Here is what you need to make your DIY Halloween Cake

Plain Iced Cake

Chocolate Buttercream Icing

Crushed Oreos

Candy Corn (optional)

FREE Witch Printables

First, take the plain cake…

DIY Cake Decorating

Grab some frosting and some oreos, crush up the oreos and mix up the frosting…or buy premade frosting but you still have to crush the cookies!!!

Cake Toppings

DIY Halloween Cake

Take the frosting and add a layer to the top of the cake, this will create a base for the “dirt” (crushed oreos).

DIY Halloween Cake

DIY Halloween Cake

Now, add the crushed oreos and spread them around.

DIY Halloween Cake

Time to print and cut the printables.  I Prefer using matte photo paper. To make the cake toppers you will need just a few things:

FREE Printables

Wood dowels or skewers

Tissue Fringe (optional)

Glue Gun

DIY Halloween Witch Cake

Cut out your printables and attach the wood skewers to the back side.

FREE Halloween Printables

Once you have attached the skewers, attached small pieces of tissue fringe to the front of the witch’s legs.

DIY Halloween Witch Cake Printables

Now, you’re ready to assemble your cake!

DIY Halloween Witch Cake

As a last minute addition, I decided to add some candy corn around the base of the cake just for a pop of color and because I love it!!




Here you go!  You’re finished DIY Halloween Witch Cake!!

DIY Witch Cake

Thanks for flying by!!  We would LOVE to see your creations, make sure to follow us and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #PPSDIY




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