One Room Challenge Week 7

So there is ONE WEEK left to the One Room Challenge and its time to hustle! But first…let’s chat about what went down this week. I made a pretty big pivot. I was originally going to install a “faux stair skirt” but once we removed the carpet and tack strips we noticed that there was […]

One Room Challenge Week 6

Can you all believe we are entering week 6 of the One Room Challenge? Six weeks in and these last two weeks are going to be BUSY! I am saving the BEST and most difficult parts for last. As you can see from the updated checklist, a lot was accomplished this week so it feel […]

One Room Challenge Week 5

Happy WEEK 5 of the One Room Challenge!!! We have made it over the mid challenge hump last week and now cruising into week 5. As I move through this week there are going to be some major projects happening. One of the main focal moments of my space is for sure the staircase and […]

One Room Challenge Week 4

Hi friends!!! Can you believe that we are HALF-WAY-THROUGH this One Room Challenge??!! Time is flying by and I am turning it up this week. I’ve added some more items into the space and I’d love to share what they are. The stairs are a pretty big focal point for the overall design and I […]

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